Do you do pilot campaigns?

Yes, absolutely! What’s better than proving to the world that you need to be taken seriously? We do go with 1-2 month pilot campaigns based on the size of the projects. right away.

Can we buy/use your tools?

Honestly, we would love to share our work to the world. We would be more than happy if our tools could help you make better marketing decisions. But, for the time being we have it available only for our clients.

What scale of projects do you take?

We take businesses that can afford billing costs of $900 and upwards. However, if we see a true potential in the startup business, we do not mind investing our hearts in them. Let’s talk.

Do you consult in-house digital teams?

Should be possible. We will need to interact with your teams to gauge their abilities to deliver the ask/suggestions. But most importantly, we will need business alignment to get started.

Do you take care of end to end marketing?

Yes again! Starting from websites built on CMS and static creatives to lead generation and nurturing, we do it all. We are in fact known for this. Happy to take in more if capable.

What are your credentials?

We come with 7+ years of agency level digital marketing experience. Our work ranges from working with absolute startups to the biggies in the industry across the globe.

How are you different?

Umm, quite tricky. We believe everyone is unique and different. We deliver what it takes for the business to grow. With our end to end approach towards marketing we stand a better chance at seeing success.

Do you have CPS/CPL based pricing?

Yes. But, not from the start of the project. Clients will be eligible for CPS/CPL based billing after a 6 months of continuous engagement with us. It varies with the nature of the project and can be discussed further.

I just started up, can you help?

Not completely sure. We could catch up for a cup of coffee maybe? We will need basic requirements in place in order to deliver to the best of our ability. However, we can put you in touch with the right set of people who can help.

Can your teams sit out of our office?

We are currently a tight knit team who are in the state of equilibrium. We deliver the best while in packs. Teams can sync up and strategize however sitting out of client locations is not something we are built for, yet.

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